Start your business at zero cost

Want to start your business
but don’t know where to start?

Afraid that the investment cost will
be too high to start your business?

There are too few betting options
and you don’t know how to choose
a sports manufacturer?

A brand
new way to bet

Less cost

Easy to operate

High return

Betting Terminals

Cost-effective setup based on TV box and standard TV.

Scan the QR code to get the betting slip, no need to print tickets anymore.

Provide Non-live and live sports betting, including multiples betting.

Easy upgrade of anonymous players to full online account holders.

Cashier App

Offers a Cashier APP program for land-based bet shops

Cashier can quickly scan the QR code on mobile phone to confirm the order

Process payouts of winning tickets

Also allows cashiers to register players and deposit/withdraw funds

3 minutes
Successful bet within


Most Intuitive

Most Direct

Other than that, you can
Also Bet On Slot

Exclusively offering external slot machine buttons, giving you an immersive experience

Just one device can support multiple types of games

Feel like having your own betting site

Business contact

Five Steps To Start Your Business
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